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Top Tips for a Post Pandemic Job Market 

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Top Tips for a Post Pandemic Job Market 

A lot of things have changed over the last 18 months or so, some temporary and some here to stay (for the foreseeable at least). With this in mind we thought we’d give our thoughts on what to expect when looking for a job in the IP world post pandemic. 

On line visibility. 

Face to face networking has been out the window for some time now, and with it the opportunity to discuss industry developments, meet with potential employers or gain a view of other firms from recruiters or your peers. This means having an on line presence is much more important so you can keep the conversation going and be visible should a firm want to approach or gain a better picture of you, especially if you are actively looking for a new role.  LinkedIn is essential but also be careful what you post on other social media that is not intended to be directed at potential employers.

Don’t be shy to ask about remote/flexible working. 

A lot of firms have realised the benefits of their staff working from home with no effect to their bottom line.  There will be instances where remote working is not possible, such as for training and settling in new starters, and so there may be an expectation that some time will be spent in the office. But it is now a lot more common and acceptable to ask the question.  bigstock COVID contact tracing app o 370772524ver2

Video interviews. 

The lockdown restrictions on face-to-face contact resulted in interviews having to take place most commonly via Zoom or MS Teams. This is something that looks to continue for the time being for some firms so don’t be surprised if the initial few stages are still virtual. This can be beneficial if key interview members are out of the country or have schedule conflicts meaning there is no need for a delay if dialling in from anywhere. And it also means you can stay in your pyjamas, from the waist down at least.  If you are unfamiliar with the software (i.e. because you have exclusively used Zoom during the pandemic and not Teams or vice versa) it would probably be of benefit to familiarise yourself with it to avoid technical issues on a call.   

If a physical meeting is offered then you still have the option to say no.  

If you feel uncomfortable travelling or being in busy places then it’s still OK to keep your distance initially. At some point a visit to the office will be beneficial (and probably expected) but firms are introducing ways to limit contact and adhere to safety guidelines. We’ve had firms organise office tours with one team member present and then organise a chat with other members via a virtual connection in their meeting room.  It is also entirely reasonable to ask what safety measures are in place.

Interview etiquette. 

Shaking hands? That’s so pre pandemic. Don’t worry, bumping elbows is not the new normal but for now a pleasant greeting at a distance is perfectly acceptable.

Firms are beginning to recruit ahead of the curve again. 

For a lot of our clients recruitment was no longer a priority during lockdown and for some they even made it official with a recruitment freeze. This is no longer the case for most and they are becoming more open to speculative hires, so even if you don’t see what you’re looking for on our jobs page (or there’s only one or two that are relevant) it’s worth getting in touch with us anyway as we may have other options for you. 

It’s a highly dynamic market. 

What is true today won’t be tomorrow – as more firms return to some form of office working in the autumn, we expect that it will have an impact on recruitment.  If, for example, there are a critical mass of employers within the IP sector that operate fully remotely then other firms may follow suit.  However, if the overwhelming majority adopt a hybrid model then negotiating fully remote working may be more difficult.  But it is only when the change has happened that we can judge its impact. We expect there to be severe candidate shortages in many technical areas going into 2022 so it could be an excellent time to look for a new role. 

Have anything to add? Let us know! Email us at [email protected].  

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