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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Establish a New Practice

Contemplating setting up independently but unsure or concerned about the accounts and administrative aspects? Already started a small practice but wanting to utilise your time more effectively or scale your business?

One of the keys to productively running your own business is setting up the accounts function correctly, preferably from day one. If this is done accurately it will reduce time taken to produce invoices, manage cash flow and produce reports providing insight into your financial position – in short it can begin to think for you – thereby saving you time (money) as well as reducing the direct costs of book keeper and accountant fees. Some systems can even import data from your existing IP tracking software.

Led by a qualified accountant with a background in internal audit, forensic accounting and commercial strategy Fellows Business Consulting has a track record of streamlining existing businesses, establishing new ones and providing set up and training for non-finance staff. All projects aim to enable the majority of finance and HR responsibilities to efficiently remain in house thus saving our clients’ money.

For more detailed information on any of our service offerings please call us on +44 20 7903 5019 or email: [email protected].

Bespoke Research and Projects

Is there a field you would like a little more insight into? Thinking of benchmarking yourself against your peers? Need detail on potential acquisition targets? Weighing up the best route forward for your next system integration?

Whatever the project you are considering, we are able to perform this research for you. Providing you with a succinct yet detailed report allowing you to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you a:

  • Lone practitioner seeking to join a larger company for the infrastructure, support, interaction and security?
  • Large firm looking to develop or enhance a specific/multiple department(s) quickly and effectively through acquisition?
  • SME that can see the benefit of synergy, complementary offerings, greater brand awareness and market coverage?
  • Practice considering European expansion?

Our specialist team are ideally placed to find your perfect partner. Our international contact base provides significant insight in to those with mutual interests allowing for a greater potential for success when seeking suitable targets or looking to move into new markets.

We know the industry well and know not only which players would be interested but also those with the most suitable personality/cultural fit to approach first. One of the predominant reasons mergers often fail to even get off the ground is down to the array of personalities involved and whether people feel they can work together – we can improve your chances.

Our professional team make the initial enquiries discreetly and anonymously, ensuring your intentions remain carefully guarded until you are ready to go public.

We can compile an “offering” document complete with all key financial information ready for review by interested parties saving everyone time and effort.

Exit Strategy

Don’t wait for ill health, retirement or the desire for a lifestyle change to be the impetus to put your plans in place. It takes time to maximise your earning potential and achieve a fair valuation for your life’s work, so try and give yourself at least a 4-5 year leeway. Anything less and you risk your competitors or employees simply waiting you out rather than buying your practice or into a partnership.

We will review your options with you and assist you in achieving your goal, whichever route to attainment is preferred: hiring that person with the same drive and desire with the intention to groom them for partnership, merge with another small practice or sell to a larger firm with a hand over / consultancy period.

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