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  • 10 years of Fellows and Associates.

    10 years of Fellows and Associates: Yep we're not joking, seven more years and they'll let us drive.  Read more about it by clicking here.

  • November CIPA Journal Advertisement

    A preview of our advert to be included in the November edition of the CIPA journal.

  • Latest Job: Chemistry Partner, Manchester

    Latest Job: Chemistry Partner, Manchester

  • Is the patent profession elitist? What does the data say?

    Is the patent profession elitist? What does the data say?

Fellows and Associates are a recruitment firm who focus on finding intellectual property jobs predominantly for patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, IP lawyers and other intellectual property professionals.

We work across a wide range of jurisdictions and provide guidance for both candidates and clients on how best to meet their IP recruitment needs. With considerable expertise in the sector and a significant number of patent attorney jobs, trade mark attorney jobs and other IP jobs to choose from, we believe we can add significant input on furthering your career. In addition to our IP recruitment business our Business Consulting arm offers services such as streamlining the recruitment process, mergers and acquisition targeting, research on business viability, and operational efficiency. In 2018 we launched our sister company Fellows Finance who recruit accountants and finance professionals for private practice accountancy firms.

Latest Jobs

Partner with Following, Chemistry

This firm want someone who can build and grow their chemistry practice in Manchester. They are a firm you will heard of and they have an excellent profile but they feel at...

Starting Salary: Six Figures/Equity Share
Read More

Trade Mark Attorney, Midlands

Enjoy a role with incredible breadth and scope that would suit someone who would like to further develop their existing commercial skills. You will love the social side of...

Starting Salary: Competitive
Read More

Qualified Trade Mark Attorney, Manchester

This a super opportunity for a trade mark attorney to move within or to Manchester.  The firm we are recruiting for are highly entrepreneurial but collegiate, and they have...

Starting Salary: Excellent
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Qualified Chemist Patent Attorney

You would be working with a highly intelligent, commercially minded and seriously impressive peer group.

Starting Salary: £Competitive
Read More

Latest News

Well that decade went quickly! Ten years of Fellows and Associates.

Pete Fellows looks back with a combination of nostalgia and horror at just how old he is on the first ten years of Fellows and Associates.

Well that decade went quickly! Ten years of Fellows and Associates.Read More

News Flash: Jobs in Chemistry and Biotechnology

A newsflash on the sudden uptake of chemistry and biotechnology jobs for Patent Attorneys.

News Flash: Jobs in Chemistry and BiotechnologyRead More

Is the patent profession elitist? What does the data say?

Does being from a particular type of background increase your chance of success in the IP sector? If it does how do we define that background?

Is the patent profession elitist?  What does the data say?Read More

Electronics Patent Attorney Jobs Outside London

If you have been thinking about relocation but have been worried about the impact it might have on your career, we can assure you that the impact is highly likely to be positive and you will have more time to enjoy the countryside.

Electronics Patent Attorney Jobs Outside LondonRead More

bigstockphoto Newspapers 942972Job News Round Up      

Fun in Engineering

In early 2019 we’ve noticed a trend towards many more engineering vacancies. These range from part qualified all the way up to senior associate in locations all over the UK, in particular a really rather good Partner role in London.

Biotechnology at Senior Levels

We also have a variety of options in biotechnology, particularly for candidates at senior associate level and above.


We have a current requirement for a trade mark Partner with a significant amount of management experience. It could be someone who is currently a full equity Partner or someone who wants to make that step. Client following not required (but nice to have of course)!

We also have Partner level requirements for patent attorneys in biotechnology, engineering and electronics.


Lots of opportunities as always, one of the most interesting is for a firm who have an extensive Asian direct client base so the role will have you travelling pretty frequently.


Chemistry roles have been fairly rare of late, however times are a changing with this fantastic role with a European IP law firm. Candidates can be anywhere from 2 years’ PQE up to senior associate, and the role will offer a well-rounded portfolio of work as well as the opportunity to work on projects not normally offered by your run of the mill private practice.


We’re noticing a fairly significant uptake in positions across the regions, both for larger firms with multiple office sites and smaller practices on the up and up. Working in a regional office should by all means not be considered as a step back from opportunities in the capital, as most if not all can offer commensurate salaries, career progression, the same standard of clients, and access to a wide range of interesting technologies. In particular we have roles in biotechnology in Cambridge and Manchester; engineering in the Midlands, Oxford and Scotland; electronics in Leeds, Cambridge, Oxford, Southampton and Manchester; and trade marks in Oxford.

If you fancy heading a little further afield, we also have opportunities across Europe and a very interesting role in Asia.

Sooo… what are you waiting for? We’d love to speak to you. Call us on: +44 (0) 20 7903 5019 or email:

Ta-dah!! We’ve only gone and started a sister company.

Fellows Feel Good News Stories

As we ease ourselves into the start of 2019, we asked our team for their feel good news stories of 2018.  Here’s what they came up with.Pineapple2

Phillipa Holland:

I’m certain I’ve come across many news stories over the year that could be classified as ‘feel good’, however when pressed to think of a specific story for the purpose of this article, I found it incredibly difficult to bring just one to mind. Those that know me, and many of those that don’t for that matter, will be aware of my love of cats. So, it would make sense to make them the focus of my chosen story, because is it really a ‘feel good’ story if it doesn’t feature some form of fluffy animal (or perhaps a small child)? My story focuses on a particular cat trait; their stubbornness and persistence to get what they want (a trait that one may also attribute to the author of this piece!). In order to set the scene, let me take you to an art museum in Japan. The cat (or cats) in question have been trying to get into said museum, the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art, for a number of years, ever since the installation of an exhibit featuring feline centric photography. The cats have tried with such determination that the security guards now have the regular task of refusing their entry and thwarting their attempts to sneak in through the automatic doors (but always ensuring they give them a little cuddle beforehand).  The cats’ exploits have also resulted in an increase in visitors to the museum and the gift shop has introduced souvenirs featuring the famous duo.  

Pete Fellows:

For me it was an easy choice.  I like well organised pranks particularly those with a positive message and this one was bordering on a mini-heist followed by everyone coming out better for it.

When two students, Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo went into McDonald’s they found that typical restaurant marketing was devoid of Asian representation.  They decided to take action by recreating a McDonald’s poster featuring them and hang it in a store to redress the balance.  The plan involved a disguise as a McDonald’s employee, sneaking around so they could covertly hang the poster, some pretty nifty photo editing skills and success beyond their wildest expectations.  The poster hung for months unnoticed and the net result was a YouTube video that went viral, leading to an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show and eventually recognition from McDonald’s itself.  Rather than punish the guys McDonald’s essentially acknowledged that they had a point and are featuring them in a future marketing campaign as well as rewarding them with checks for $25,000 each.  As much as social media receives a great deal of consternation at times it can really be a force for good too and this is a super example. 

I am slightly worried though that my choices for best good news stories of the year always feature fast food restaurants.  The stand out for me for 2017 was Nugss for Carter featuring Wendy’s, all round decent chap Carter Wilkerson and chicken nuggets.

Rebecca Wood:

Like Phillipa, I found it difficult to decide on my favourite ‘feel good’ story of the year. I usually enjoy stories based around the strange and funny things that kids do. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I also enjoy stories about other peoples’ misfortunes. Despite this, I found an article that really made me giggle and decided that this one was my favourite. Two sisters (Emily & Chloe) with similar toothbrushes had a row when one sister mistakenly packed the wrong toothbrush for her trip to London. Chloe, who was now without a toothbrush, was ‘fuming’ when she realised. Her anger fueled the torment in her sibling, resulting in further ‘prankster’ antics. Before long the toothbrush had been photographed on an entire fun day out in London with all the famous landmarks including Carnaby Street, Harrods and Piccadilly Gardens. It also made it in to the hands of a shop mannequin. Joker Emily says that she loves hiding her sister’s stuff but taking the toothbrush was genuine mistake. Despite being initially frustrated by the toothbrush’s day out, Chloe soon saw the funny side of the joke when her tweet received 54,000 likes and retweets. She is hoping to get her revenge this Christmas.  

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