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Social Media

Fellows and Associates have been involved in the IP sector for almost 15 years and have a strong background in recruitment marketing. We’re now building on this by offering firms a tailored social media management service that will enable them to build a profile, not only for new recruits but also to their existing and potential client base. This is not only a part of a recruitment campaign to attract candidates but as a broader social strategy to attract more clients. We are here to help you leverage the power of social media to amplify your firm's brand and reach.

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Creating a social media strategy is an important step where we find alignment with your target audience, brand voice, types of content, frequency, and, most importantly, the goals and objectives for your social media channels. We work with you to find the best social strategy based on your current analytics. We can determine what has been working well and what hasn’t been and create a plan that will best optimise your platform moving forward.


Creating a presence on social media can be a great starting point in telling your story, building your brand, and maintaining a professional impression to clients. Your branding is essentially an extension of your reputation, and presenting yourself effectively through social media can really help visually communicate your company values, vision and expertise.


  • Carousels
  • Written Posts
  • Infographics
  • Hashtags


We can interact with your audience. Engagement with your network can generate new business enquiries, email signups, website visits, and much more.

Social Media Management Services

Packages start at £750 pcm.

Starter Package
This is the starting point for your business to create a presence on social media. It will help you build your brand and tell your story.

Growth Package
This will build on of the starter package by increasing your consistency of posts, which helps to grow your online presence.

Scale Package
This package not only creates a presence on social media, builds your brand, and tells your story, but will also give a professional impression to customers by maintaining an active presence on social media through regular social engagement with your audience.

Video Content

Our professional video services range from on-site filming to remote-edited content with either motion graphics or stock footage/sent-in content. We can create videos from adverts to social media promos. Video content can be commissioned independently or applied as an extension to our social media packages. Our latest show reel is below. 


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