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Personal branding for attorneys?

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Personal branding for attorneys?

It’s not new news that social media is a hugely important platform for personal branding but the question is, is it beneficial for attorneys to put more effort into personal branding online?

Carys Bello Head of Social Media comments on this topic…

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Personal branding is the establishing of your online persona for your target audience. It usually involves you presenting what you are about, your goals, values, purpose and beliefs.

Taking control of your personal brand is important because if you don’t build it yourself then others will do it for you with their perceptions of you. Every blog post or tweet you put out there is showcasing aspects of your personality to your audience and your personal brand is then developed around the content you post.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn are one of the number one places for people to put themselves out there. Laura West, CEO and Trade Mark Attorney at Springbird IP, commented on the matter saying “It is the widest reaching direct networking you can do and is super-efficient at getting your message out there!”.  Here are some reasons why you as an Attorney may want to start investing into your personal brand.

  1. Grow your confidence

Though putting yourself out there may be scary at first, It will soon grow your confidence. Each time you put yourself out there it will get easier to do it and you will become more comfortable with yourself. The increase in confidence online will increase your confidence in the work place as you become more assured of yourself and your values. It also benefits situations where you may be anxious about sharing personal details with your audience, getting in front of the camera, and other aspects of online personal branding.

  1. Grow your opportunities

By making your brand promise clear and sharing it with relevant people your brand should start to grow. People will start to notice you and you become a well trusted source for information in your industry as they will start to trust you as an expert. Therefore, this will attract opportunities because you have gained people’s trust and attracted the right people you need to achieve goals and advance.

  1. Grow your network

When it comes to your career it is important to build a good network of people in your industry, potential customers, and existing customers. Becoming intentionally more visible online and building your own brand will attract not only a wider network but one that is more in line with who you are and your industry so you will reach people with similar values to you.

So, it’s clear that personal branding online has many benefits to you and your career. It may not be essential but if your contemplating increasing your online presence then this may be your sign to get it going.

Carys Bello

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