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Is now the time to give your career a major shake-up? We think so.

spruson article

Is now the time to give your career a major shake-up? We think so

spruson article

We’re recruiting for one of the most successful practices in Australia, Spruson & Ferguson, who are on the look-out for qualified patent attorneys with a variety of backgrounds to make the leap and join them from the UK. The firm has offices spread across most major cities and is a top tier IP practice with highly qualified and experienced professionals. Their attorneys work directly with a significant number of local Australian clients, as well as having direct access to a highly valuable portfolio of clients across APAC through their various other office locations.

Spruson & Ferguson has the benefit of being part of a larger IP community, which ensures they can provide an unparalleled support and administrative structure for their attorneys, as well as the opportunity to work and gain experience from IP and legal professionals with varying backgrounds and skillsets to their own.

“Spruson & Ferguson companies are incorporated entities owned by IPH Limited, a public company that is the holding company for a number of intellectual property professional services and adjacent businesses operating under different brands in a range of jurisdictions.”

Experienced Patent Attorney, Electrical Engineering, Australia

The firm are looking for at least one foreign qualified patent attorney to help assist with their international client base. There will also be the opportunity to cross qualify and work closely with clients local to the region.

Biotechnology Patent Attorney, Australia

They’re looking for an attorney with a technical background in biotechnology with likely a few years’ post qualified experience.  They’re flexible on your experience level however, as long as you’re qualified and can work reasonably independently. They’re also pretty flexible as to where they can locate you if you have a preference.

Associate, Patent Attorney, Mechanical Engineering, Australia

This opportunity can offer you access to emerging cutting-edge technologies from local clients, as well as working directly with market leaders in mechanical engineering and related fields from across the Asia-Pacific region. 

Senior Level Trade Mark Attorney, Australia

Are you an experienced trade mark attorney struggling to figure out the next steps of your career? Do you feel like you have accomplished most of what you can in your current environment and are unsure you can gain more if you simply make a move like for like to another firm? Maybe we can help with that…

Fellows and Associates has substantial experience in moving candidates cross-jurisdictionally and is an excellent position to guide and advise on the relocation process. In addition to this, Spruson & Ferguson has also welcomed a number of overseas qualified attorneys and is fully aware of what it takes to integrate them smoothly and successfully.

So, whatever your reason for hoping to move to Australia, February 2023 could be your moment.  Well, if you’re a patent attorney anyway.

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