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Intellectual Property News Round Up 1. Bringing You The Best From The Web…

Intellectual Property News Round Up. 


Bringing You The Best From The Web…


At what we hope will be regular intervals we intend to pick a few Intellectual Property related stories that have caught our attention.  If you want to point us in a particular direction send an email to: [email protected]



A ‘landmark’ ruling against Microsoft in relation to its MS Word patent case could mean it is no longer allowed to sell Word 2003 and 2007.   The Register has more…


Horseback Riding

Wii horse back riding patent?  Really?  Ask CNET…


Xingraphics vs Agfa Result

Xingraphics won…  read more at CMYK Digest.

And finally… One of our favourite finds this week is the Squirrel Teasing Bird Feeder thanks to IP Watchdog.

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