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How to Sell Your Patent Practice and Buy an Island

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How to Sell Your Patent Practice and Buy an Island 

Maybe an island in a small lake, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, or spend a few years travelling to a variety of beaches, or just enjoy not working any more and have time with your family.

bigstock Tropical Island A Small Islan 451500957

There comes a point where you’ve taken the practice you’ve built as far as it can go. You’re really proud of what you’ve done, you have a great reputation, some excellent clients and you want to pass this on to someone else who will benefit from the foundations you’ve provided. We appreciate this is far from an easy task, reaching an agreement on value and finding a solution for any other obstacles anticipated or entirely unpredictable. We understand that the aim is almost always to leave your business in good conscience to another pair of hands and doing so is incredibly nerve-wracking. The client we are working with on this project very much understands this too.

He is an experienced Patent Attorney wishing to invest in a small practice to complement his current business. He’s very open minded on how this is achieved and will consider all reasonable ideas. He understands the emotional upheaval of selling a business you’ve invested years in building and will endeavour to find a way to give you piece of mind whilst ensuring future commercial success.

For our part we can have an open and confidential discussion with you in the first instance. It doesn’t need to go any further but if you decide to move forward, we can help the process with an NDA. We can also help you prepare a financial case by providing some support in putting your commercial successes in a format that will encourage a sale.

If you have been thinking about an exit, but have not really been sure how to achieve it, let’s have a chat. We would primarily be open to conversations with small practices and sole practitioners but if you operate a larger practice than this, we are of course happy to chat.

To discuss further please send an email to [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 20 7903 5019.

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