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A Summer (in IP) to Remember

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A Summer (in IP) to Remember

Don’t miss out on the exciting initiative, Summer of IP—a dynamic Careers in Ideas campaign aimed at increasing awareness of careers in the IP sector and providing pre-application opportunities to a diverse pool of prospective candidates.

Throughout the summer of 2023, Careers in Ideas have curated a series of engaging events and activities designed to showcase the possibilities within the IP industry. From informative sessions to interactive experiences, Summer of IP offers a unique platform to explore and discover the exciting world of intellectual property careers.

Before you jump in, make sure to join the introductory events hosted by the Careers in Ideas team. These sessions will provide you with essential knowledge about intellectual property (IP) and the diverse career paths available within the field. Some events will dive deeper into specific career routes, offering guidance on crafting your application or facilitating conversations with IP professionals. Don’t miss the main introductory recording, as it will give you valuable insights on how to make the most of Summer of IP.

Below you’lapples 2l find the activities and events that various IP sector employers have laid on for the Summer of IP.

Abel + Imray

AA Thornton

If you’re interested in a career in intellectual property and would like to learn more, then Join Marianne Privett and Sarah Neil for a lunchtime online workshop.

Serle Court Chambers

Forresters IP

Looking for a patent or trade mark career in Liverpool, Birmingham or London? Forresters open evenings will include an informal Q&A and a chance to network with both experienced IP attorneys and new recruits.


Potter Clarkson

Powell Gilbert

Marks & Clerk

The Marks & Clerk events are open to anyone above the age of 18 with an interest in learning more about a career in IP and will include presentations on the IP sector and talks on a variety of job roles. The events will also facilitate the opportunity to ask questions and network with partners, attorneys, support staff and HR from Marks & Clerk!

Reddie & Grose

Sagittarius IP

Learn about work as a Patent Attorney and even have a go at some basic patent drafting for yourself.

Mewburn Ellis

Join online to hear from Patent Attorneys Lucy Coe, Victoria Coleman, Isobel Stone and Samuel Hart as they give an introduction into their experience of being a Patent Attorney. This event is open to anyone who’s interested in learning more about a career in IP including secondary school students, university students, graduates and career changers.


This open evening is between 5pm and 7pm and provide talks and a Q&A session on careers in IP law for those interested in following such a career. The speakers will include HGF Manchester colleagues Lee Curtis, Theodore JemmottHannah Evans and Melissa Buamah.

D Young & Co

J A Kemp

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge, network with industry professionals, and embark on a path towards a rewarding career in the IP sector. Get ready to make the most of Summer of IP and unlock your potential!

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