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Featured Video Wall

Fellows Talks: Intellectual Property Jobs Market

Fellows and Associates Head of Social Media interviews Fellows Director, Pete Fellows and Managing Consultant, Phillipa Holland about the Intellectual Property job market.

A day in the life at Fellows and Associates

Come along with our Head of Social Media, Carys Bello, as we head to London

Women in IP

Come with us to the Global Women In IP Event

Biotech is blooming

Check out some of the Life Sciences opportunities we have for patent attorneys looking for a fresh start!

Video Wall

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together

An excerpt from a terrific panel discussion with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.
From YouTube: In their rare joint appearance at All Things Digital 5, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss their contributions to the technology industry and the qualities they most respect in one another. D/All Things Digital text.

Why Patent Law is the Best Profession in the World

We really enjoyed this gentleman's enthusiasm so thought we would add his video!

A talk by U.S. patent attorney Raj Abhyanker about why patent law is the best profession in the world.

Kid fakes job interview

This really rather fantastic bit of advertising takes great advantage of the short video format and given the topic we could not resist adding it to our video library.

From YouTube:Find out more at http://www.born2consult.comKid fakes job interview with MBA students applying for positions at a consulting firm.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google discusses Intellectual Property

An interesting perspective from the Google CEO that we thought might appeal to our site visitors.

From YouTube:
Dr. Schmidt delivered the keynote address at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's launch of a New Vision for global think tanks. For more information visit

The Early History of Copyright and Intellectual Property Law

This is a great overview piece of the history and some of the issues within the IP industry.

The European Patent Office - a portrait

This video gives a brief overview of the European Patent Office.  The EPO is embracing new media with its use of YouTube and Twitter.

From YouTube:This film provides an overview of the European Patent Office (EPO).

Follow the EPO on Twitter: @epoorg.

Read more on the EPO here.

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