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Overseas Job Opportunities

Check our our recent overseas roles for patent attorneys ?

Hammer vs Hammer

This video is discussing the variety of attorneys in the US who use the marketing title 'Hammer' but also includes an interesting summary of IP from about the 1min40 mark.

Recruitment Drive for Engineering Patent Attorneys

We're pleased to be working with leading patent practice Dehns on the recruitment of engineering patent attorneys across their UK offices.

Fellows Jobs Roundup March 2022

A quick look at all the jobs we're actively working on at the moment. We have patent attorney roles across all disciplines, overseas opportunities, and everything in between! Get in touch on +44 207 903 5019 or email

Video Wall

Navigating Major Career Transitions

Michael D. Watkins discusses how to handle your next move.

From Harvard Business Publishing.

Twitter & Linkedin Work Together

Reid Hoffman and Biz Stone talk "Twitter #in" LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman and Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone discuss the great potential of the integration between their companies.

Business and marketing strategy from Innocent: be better

"Business development insights and marketing strategy advice from the founders of one of the UK's most innovative brands, Innocent."
The Fellows and Associates team loved this video - is innovation, or perhaps evolution, the key to building a successful business?

Futuristic Electronics: Japan 2009

TVs controlled by hand gestures, crash-proof cars...and unicycling robots? Coming to a home near you...

How to use LinkedIn Q & A for Business Networking

How to post a question on Linkedin and what you should write. From

Taking on China's market for fakes

A video from April 2008 with an interesting report on the protection of intellectual property rights in China.

History of the Internet

"History of the internet" is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.

Guerrilla Trademark Enforcement

Ensuring that your IP rights are defended can be hard work.  This rather astonishing video shows why. 

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