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Featured Video Wall

Fellows Talks: Intellectual Property Jobs Market

Fellows and Associates Head of Social Media interviews Fellows Director, Pete Fellows and Managing Consultant, Phillipa Holland about the Intellectual Property job market.

A day in the life at Fellows and Associates

Come along with our Head of Social Media, Carys Bello, as we head to London

Women in IP

Come with us to the Global Women In IP Event

Biotech is blooming

Check out some of the Life Sciences opportunities we have for patent attorneys looking for a fresh start!

Video Wall

Patent Attorneys Party Hard

We thought we would use a short film (OK it's 35 seconds) to symbolise our reaction to finding a particular breed of Patent Attorney..

Innovations and patents

The quality of patent filings has fallen dramatically over the past two decades.

Should I Gesture? Absolutely!

Communications expert Brian Johnson addresses participants of NITA's (US National Institute for Trial Advocacy)  Articulate Advocate program on the importance of gesturing when addressing the court. Gesturing is an important aspect of being an articulate, persuasive speaker.

Wacky Patent - Solution To All Your Birthing Problems!

Michael Colitz, a patent attorney in Florida, brings us this head-spinning wacky patent gem.

Apple v Samsung Patent Battle Explained

The Telegraph's Consumer Technology Editor Matt Warman uses an iPad and Galaxy tablet to explain what the Apple and Samsung patent dispute is about.Read more.

Analysis: Google buys Motorola Mobility

Google will have access to patents and Motorola a treasure chest of cash, according to an analyst (Aug. 15, Networkworld).

Real Life Superhero, Captain Feasible, See His Incredible Story...

Captain Feasible, a real life superhero guides us through his day in 60 seconds. See him help passers-by! Avert disasters! And other hero-y stuff! This is Fellows and Associates' second viral video following on from 'Goose Attack at Wedding' which we hope will be closing in on 100,000 views in the not too distant future.

WIPO: British film producer Iain Smith on Films in the Digital Age

Iain Smith, the producer of "Seven Years in Tibet" and other blockbusters, talks about the promise of digital technology for the future of the film industry (excerpt from July 19, 2011 Press Conference at WIPO). See here for more.

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