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Overseas Job Opportunities

Check our our recent overseas roles for patent attorneys ?

Hammer vs Hammer

This video is discussing the variety of attorneys in the US who use the marketing title 'Hammer' but also includes an interesting summary of IP from about the 1min40 mark.

Recruitment Drive for Engineering Patent Attorneys

We're pleased to be working with leading patent practice Dehns on the recruitment of engineering patent attorneys across their UK offices.

Fellows Jobs Roundup March 2022

A quick look at all the jobs we're actively working on at the moment. We have patent attorney roles across all disciplines, overseas opportunities, and everything in between! Get in touch on +44 207 903 5019 or email

Video Wall

QR Code Cows

An interesting take on QR codes, don't you think? Click through to our News section to read our latest article on QR codes and their effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Every Presentation.....Ever

A look into how all presentations seem to morph into the same drawn out affair. Take a look to find out the tell tale signs of how not to fall into the same trap.  

Punctuation Panda on Patrol!

The Punctuation Panda hits the streets to draw attention to bad punctuation wherever it rears its ugly head! Sign makers beware!

The INTA Annual Meeting for First-Timers

Tips, stories, and advice from past attendees that will help make your first Annual Meeting experience just a little easier.

10 Inventions You Shouldn't Be That Proud Of

We don't know if a patent was granted on any of these...

Patent Attorneys Party Hard

We thought we would use a short film (OK it's 35 seconds) to symbolise our reaction to finding a particular breed of Patent Attorney..

Innovations and patents

The quality of patent filings has fallen dramatically over the past two decades.

Should I Gesture? Absolutely!

Communications expert Brian Johnson addresses participants of NITA's (US National Institute for Trial Advocacy)  Articulate Advocate program on the importance of gesturing when addressing the court. Gesturing is an important aspect of being an articulate, persuasive speaker.

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