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Featured Video Wall

Fellows Talks: Intellectual Property Jobs Market

Fellows and Associates Head of Social Media interviews Fellows Director, Pete Fellows and Managing Consultant, Phillipa Holland about the Intellectual Property job market.

A day in the life at Fellows and Associates

Come along with our Head of Social Media, Carys Bello, as we head to London

Women in IP

Come with us to the Global Women In IP Event

Biotech is blooming

Check out some of the Life Sciences opportunities we have for patent attorneys looking for a fresh start!

Video Wall

Sony Patents Possible PlayStation 4 Technology

News of new applications from Sony from Nick's Gaming View.

AIPPI 2012 - Featuring F&A's Phillipa!

Impressions of the 43rd AIPPI Intellectual Property Congress in Seoul (and Phillipa appears around the 8 minute mark).  It was a great congress and nice to have this video to remind us.  

Cute Dog Celebrates With Cake

An adorable pug dog celebrates a special occasion with a cake. Sadly, he is alone and doesn't look like he's enjoying himself very much, poor pug dog.

QR Code Cows

An interesting take on QR codes, don't you think? Click through to our News section to read our latest article on QR codes and their effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Every Presentation.....Ever

A look into how all presentations seem to morph into the same drawn out affair. Take a look to find out the tell tale signs of how not to fall into the same trap.  

Punctuation Panda on Patrol!

The Punctuation Panda hits the streets to draw attention to bad punctuation wherever it rears its ugly head! Sign makers beware!

The INTA Annual Meeting for First-Timers

Tips, stories, and advice from past attendees that will help make your first Annual Meeting experience just a little easier.

10 Inventions You Shouldn't Be That Proud Of

We don't know if a patent was granted on any of these...

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