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Is this the best time to move jobs if you’re a newly qualified Patent Attorney?

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We think so. Here are a few reasons…

1) There’s a spike in demand for newly qualified attorneys

We think the increase in demand is for a number of reasons but principally because firms are catching up for recruitment that didn’t happen during the pandemic. Firms need people who can be immediately productive so qualified or near qualified attorneys are the easiest to accommodate. But firms are also proactively recruiting again. This was very common before the pandemic, stalled almost entirely during it but this has now begun to change. So, if there are firms you are particularly interested in but who aren’t actively marketing a vacancy, we may still be able to find you a post there. Timing can be an important factor in recruitment and it’s on your side at the moment.

2) Technical discipline doesn’t particularly matter

We have vacancies in engineering, electronics, biotechnology, chemistry – there are simply positions to fill across all sectors, so there should be plenty of options for you to choose from.

3) There are international opportunities too

The spike in vacancies is not limited to the UK market, if you would be interested in moving to Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia or Singapore (or many other international locales) then this is a great time to do it. In the last year we’ve facilitated many more overseas moves than in previous years (although we have always had some).

4) It’s easier for IP firms to recruit at this level but corporate departments are recruiting too

There are more options if you move to a private practice but we’ve had a marked spike in in house positions as well. This has primarily been in chemistry and biotechnology but we’ve also had recent positions in engineering.

5) It’s a good time to negotiate your remuneration

Salaries are noticeably increasing, certainly for those switching firms. As our salary survey suggests, salaries have been relatively static for the last few years (if not longer) but there has been a marked increase in the last few months. If you have that nagging feeling that you are being underpaid you may well be right. We’ll be honest with you about how realistic (or not) you’re being.

6) You may well be able to improve your work/life balance or flexible working arrangements

Just because your firm is not accommodating your preferences in respect to flexible working it doesn’t mean others won’t. One impact of the pandemic is that firms have dealt with flexible, remote and hybrid working in very different ways. In 2019, whilst there were some limited exceptions, if you were moving firms for more flexibility, it may have been a significant challenge. In 2022, there is a whole spectrum of attitudes to suit your preferences (and yes this might be finding an environment where you can be in the office more as well as those who want to be in the office less).

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