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The time is now for inhouse roles

Inhouse opportunities can be few and far between, with smaller departments meaning less opportunities in the first place and the roles that do come up being filled quickly before the need for recruiters to step in and help. This however does not seem to be the case of late with the number of inhouse roles we’re recruiting forbigstock Work life Balance Work And Tr 297196795 steadily increasing.

It also not restricted to one particular discipline – chemistry, biotechnology, electronics and engineering are all in demand, with a particular need for patent attorneys who are comfortable working across a variety of specialisms. Location wise it has always been more common for inhouse roles to be spread across the regions, rather than a concentration in the larger IP hub such as London and Manchester. Our active roles do offer hybrid working, however ideally some time will need to be spent in the office which, for these opportunities in particular, are situated across the South and the Midlands.

Working inhouse can mean that a lot of the time you will be exposed to elements of the IP journey that you wouldn’t necessarily get in a patent practice. You will be responsible for managing the patent assets of a business, working closely with R&D, acting as liaison between other internal teams from initial conception and throughout the process. The nature of an inhouse role requires most who join to be European qualified, rather than UK, given the breadth of work that is undertaken. For those who have recently passed their EQEs, it is an excellent time for them to plan their next career move with more choice inhouse available as well as plenty of opportunities in private practice.  

For more information on the inhuse roles we're currently working on, click here or get in touch for a confidential chat. 

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