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Navigating the Evolution: A Comparative Analysis of the 2022 and 2023 Fellows and Associates Salary Survey

By Carys Bello.

The annual unveiling of the Fellows and Associates Salary Survey results is a moment of anticipation for professionals across the intellectual property (IP) landscape. This year’s insights are particularly intriguing, offering a comprehensive look at the IP industry’s remuneration trends, flexible working dynamics, and equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. As we delve into the findings of both 2022 and 2023, we uncover a narrative of transformation and challenges, highlighting the industry’s evolving landscape.

The 2023 survey journey spanned eight weeks from May to July, boasting active participation from 235 respondents. This engaged group comprised of 59% male, 37% female, and a few participants who either declined to specify or identified as non-binary.

Investing in Emerging Attorneys: A Glimpse into Future Strategies:

The survey’s data paints a picture of firms investing notably in their junior legal practitioners. Amid the pandemic and post-pandemic era, firms appear to be prioritising the professional growth of junior attorneys by offering more days off for exams. This pivot, potentially aimed at facilitating swift qualification, signifies firms’ commitment to fostering talent from the ground up.

Pioneering Flexibility:

The survey’s spotlight on flexible working arrangements reveals a positive shift in satisfaction levels. The trend can be attributed, in part, to fewer firms mandating a full five-day office presence. The shift from 24% dissatisfaction in 2022 to a mere 4% in 2023 underscores the industry’s openness to adapting to evolving work dynamics.

Addressing Discrimination:

One of the most pivotal aspects of the survey delves into social mobility and discrimination. The data indicates a modest decrease in discrimination instances from 52% in 2022 to 42% in 2023, reflecting incremental progress. Industry initiatives like IP Inclusive have played a role in illuminating and combating these challenges. The decrease is encouraging but much improvement can still be made, highlighting the importance of continuing the conversation through avenues such as these fantastic industry initiatives and data uncovered in the survey. 

Exploring a Diverse Mosaic:

The survey paints a vivid picture of the industry’s diversity. The responses indicate that 56% of those experiencing discrimination were female, showcasing that gender discrimination remains a focal point. Moreover, 5% of those experiencing discrimination identified as belonging to ethnic minorities, indicating the presence of a unique set of challenges for this group.

Path to Progress:

While the industry’s ED&I efforts have made strides, the survey underscores the need for sustained commitment. The industry’s overall approach to social mobility received an average score of 6.74 out of 10, signifying room for improvement. Responses from ethnic minorities underscored this need even more distinctly, with an average score of 5.94.

Fostering Transformative Change:

The survey data imparts a clear message: transformative change is essential. By addressing discrimination, fostering inclusivity, and implementing equitable HR practices, firms can elevate their work environments and lay the groundwork for a more diverse and supportive IP industry. By absorbing its insights and acting as a conversation catalyst, the IP industry is poised to transform its narrative and move towards a future defined by equality, diversity, inclusivity, and professional excellence.

We invite you to explore the full survey results at www.fellowssurveyresults.com 

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