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Salaried Partner, Electronics/Telecommunications, London 

Salary: Competitive

Job Description

It can be a challenge moving at Partner level or moving to achieve a Partner position.  Firms can have unrealistic expectations; imagining that you will bring along every client you have ever worked with; or that you will be the most profitable Partner in your first six weeks.  Sometimes firms like the idea of recruiting a Partner but when it comes to the crunch, they just don’t want to pay for a new Partner.  It’s great in principle, just not in (private) practice.  

You’re asking if this is the point in the advert where I say this job is different aren’t you? Yes, it is! But just because the narrative was predictable, it doesn’t mean it’s incorrect.  Here’s how:

  • They have a load of work.  I mean lots and lots.  High profile, consistent, and profitable.  This is not a completely BYOW situation; they have plenty of their own that they want you to do.
  • It’s a strategically important role for the firm.  You will be working with the practice’s most important client; they need to get the selection right.  But given that you are the right choice, the profile of this role and trust they will have in you has the potential to pay off massively in respect to your long-term future.
  • They’ve had a proper think about the budget, there’s every chance this position will put you amongst the higher earning Salaried Partners in London in your peer group.
  • You will be highly involved in the firm – managing, training, business development, and working with clients.

From a technical background they would ideally like someone with experience in telecoms or at least a broader background in electronics.  You will be qualified Patent Attorney but there may be some flexibility on jurisdiction.  The firm has a hybrid working culture.  

For more information or to apply for this role please send an email to [email protected] or telephone +44 20 7903 5019.

conn yay

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