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In-House Patent Attorney (finalist or newly qualified)

Location: (Greater) London

Job Description

A fairly unusual in-house position for a number of reasons. Here’s a list of bullet points explaining why. If you don’t like a lot of bullet points we’re happy to act this out in a modern dance number (please don’t ask us to do this).

  • The position is in the London area. This is surprisingly rare for corporate positions as we often find they are located in more remote locations next to a sheep and if you’re lucky a couple of llamas.
  • The department operates somewhat like an in house private practice in the sense that it’s a large department with lots of support so your drafting and prosecution skills will not wane. This means you can keep your options open, the purple pill so to speak (for anyone that gets a late 1990s pop culture reference).
  • The technical mix is really rather broad. This is a global corporation with, naturally, a myriad of interests so you should have lots of toys to play with. Some of the technologies include, cameras, medical imaging, sensors, video systems, digital standards, image processing, software, WiFi, video codecs, streaming and Artificial Intelligence. If you have an interest in standard essential patents that’s a major plus.
  • You will work super closely with inventors both in the UK and in Asia. That means you will be involved as the IP strategy is developed and you will be a key part of the decision making and providing commercial advice.
  • This is a corporation in the technology space that has been consistently outperforming expectations. This has a positive impact for employees (and potential employees) in terms of bonuses and opportunities.

Candidates will be qualified or close to qualification as a European Patent Attorney. There’s a lot of scope in respect to technical background but physics, electronics, engineering and related areas will all be highly regarded.

For more information or to apply, please send an email to or telephone +44 20 7903 5019.

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61 Bridge Street,

+44 (0) 207 903 5019.
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