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Chemistry Patent Attorney, Singapore

Salary: Highly Competitive

Job Description

Had enough of the non-party parties, Brexit, rail strikes? Then move to Singapore! We grant you it’s a more radical option than complaining down the pub but if you’re in the frame of mind for more bold thinking then now is your chance.

But moving is not only about the location, of course you want a fulfilling job too. The firm we’re recruiting for have an abundance and wide range of work, a mix of materials and pharmaceuticals with an emphasis on drafting. The demographics might be in your favour with gaps for qualified attorneys to fill that will allow for steady and constant progression for good performers. Also, the income tax rate is likely much lower than what you’re currently used to.

The clients range from leading universities, international corporations as well as building a network of contacts with associates in the US and China. You will likely be travelling from time to time to see clients within the region and you will be given the opportunity to obtain local qualification.

The firm are quite open minded on jurisdictional background with UK and/or European qualified candidates perhaps being a preference but candidates from South Africa, Australia, the US, Canada and New Zealand all highly regarded.

For more information or to apply for this role, please send an email to or telephone: +44 207 903 5019.

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61 Bridge Street,

+44 (0) 207 903 5019.
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