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Intellectual Property Manager

Location: Manchester

Job Description

(IP Formalities/Paralegal Management)

Janet is leaving, Derek is off sick, Stacey wants a promotion and Robin is obsessed with 90s TV shows and it’s getting really rather dull. But they’re a good team, they need a bit of tweaking here and there, some motivation, the right kind of challenges but it’s incredibly satisfying when everyone pulls together because of your influence and leadership. It’s even more satisfying because not everyone is in the same place (not philosophically - physically. Okay maybe philosophically too). The challenge of managing a team of twenty in multiple locations both in the UK and Europe is incredibly rewarding. You’ve been working in the intellectual property sector for a while, you know it well, but it’s the management, the leadership, that is what it’s all about for you. Well, that and the travel, the occasional pretzel in Munich is a treat you look forward to.

You do appreciate the flexibility, the autonomy and the trust. You like the fact that you have been key to improving efficiencies, that your ideas are listened to and (mostly) taken on board. You sleep well, with dreams of possible futures, that there are possible futures, with a gamut of opportunities both anticipated and unexpected.

It’s been a long road to get here, you built a track record in IP support roles and over time developed a credible background in management. Then this job came up, you spoke to Fellows and Associates (they were great, incredibly charming, stunningly good looking and massively modest) and they introduced you to the firm. You’ve never looked back.

This is your future. We’ll play a small part in it. You’re seeking a private practice IP management role in Manchester, London or the South West, it’s time we get started. We’ll even treat you to a pretzel.

For more information or to apply to this role please send an email to or telephone: +44 27903 5019.

Fellows and Associates



61 Bridge Street,

+44 (0) 207 903 5019.
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