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Electronics Patent Attorney, Senior Associate

Location: London

Salary: Competitive

Job Description

This is the last move before you become a Partner.  Hopefully at least.  You might be considering a move because you are not sure that achieving Partner status is at all possible where you are, or that it is, but you are not sure you want to be a Partner with the colleagues you currently have.  However, you’re worried.  Will you be stepping back?  By moving will your goal be further out of reach?  Instead of waiting another year, will it be longer – two? Three?  What about all of the goodwill you’ve built internally and with your clients, will all of that be for nought?  Isn’t it really difficult moving?  Will you realistically get the same salary or even more?

So, we could tell you how this firm will answer all of these questions and more that we haven’t thought of.  We could tell you that they are great at listening and will try and accommodate any reasonable requests.  But why not hear them say that to you directly? There’s no onerous interview process, no grilling to just find out if you’re compatible.  They simply want to have a conversation.  Over the phone if that’s easier.  Hear them out, decide if it might be for you, no fuss, no nonsense just talking and we can see where this may take you.

For more information or to apply to this role please send an email to [email protected] or telephone +44 20 7903 5019.

conn yay

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+44 (0) 207 903 5019.
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