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    ARTICLE: Biotech is Booming

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    The Fellows and Associates Salary Survey for 2023 is now live.  We would be very grateful if you would complete it.

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Fellows and Associates are a recruitment firm who focus on finding intellectual property jobs predominantly for patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, IP lawyers and other intellectual property professionals.

We work across a wide range of jurisdictions and provide guidance for both candidates and clients on how best to meet their IP recruitment needs. With considerable expertise in the sector and a significant number of patent attorney jobs, trade mark attorney jobs and other IP jobs to choose from, we believe we can add significant input on furthering your career. In addition to our IP recruitment business our Business Consulting arm offers services such as streamlining the recruitment process, mergers and acquisition targeting, research on business viability, and operational efficiency. In 2018 we launched our sister company Fellows Finance who recruit accountants and finance professionals for private practice accountancy firms.

Latest Jobs

In-house Recruitment Consultant, Bath

Are you an experienced recruitment professional? Have you worked in the legal sector (or similar) and comfortable liaising with highly qualified individuals? We’re working...

Starting Salary: £35-40,000
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Part Qualified Patent Attorney, I.T. (AI and Machine Learning), Electronics and Engineering

Work directly with an array of UK and international clients including multinational corporations and household names, world class universities and research institutions, SME’s,...

Starting Salary: Competitive
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In-house Patent Attorney, Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry or Bioinformatics

Work for a small in-house department of a fast-developing company with a role that has a focus in providing IP advice.  As the portfolio grows the dynamic of the position...

Starting Salary:
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Senior In-House Patent Attorney

Join a business working at the cutting edge of synthetic and stem cell biology for a company making what was science fiction into reality.  Be part of a culture that is highly...

Starting Salary: £100-£120,000 with hybrid working
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Latest News

Mindfulness with IP Inclusive and Jonathan’s Voice

This week has been mental health awareness week with the theme being “anxiety”. To understand more methods to help alleviate anxiety we attended IP Inclusive and Jonathan’s Voice’s webinar on mindfulness led by mindfulness expert Dr Sally Rose.

Mindfulness with IP Inclusive and Jonathan’s VoiceRead More

Why would you co-brand recruitment advertising?

The norm in recruitment is for recruiters to advertise positions given to them by their clients but anonymously without the company being named. This represents the overwhelming majority of recruitment marketing. Most commonly when companies advertise using their own branding, they advertise directly...

Why would you co-brand recruitment advertising?Read More

Banishing Imposter Syndrome Masterclass with AIPLA’s Women In IP

Carys Bello shares some key elements she learnt from the master class on imposter syndrome for the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) Women in IP Global Networking Event at Mewburn Ellis LLP’s Manchester office. …

Banishing Imposter Syndrome Masterclass with AIPLA’s Women In IPRead More

The Salary Survey 2023 is now live!

It's back for another year! Have your say on salary, working environment, wellbeing, and much more.

The Salary Survey 2023 is now live!Read More

Is branding and social media important in legal services?

Social media and powerful company branding are inconsistent in the legal services sector. For every firm crushing it on Twitter, LinkedIn or TikTok there are many more with neglected profiles and inconsistent messaging. Perhaps you think that social media just isn’t for the legal sector? That creating a strong online brand for your company is a waste of time?

But social media can reflect who you are as a firm and deliver that message to wider network.

Social media is ubiquitous. When you accept that and tap into it for your company, it can really play to your benefit. It is essentially a whole other world in which you have the opportunity to enhance your company and reach people you may never have reached before.

Interested piqued? Carys Bello, Fellows and Associates’ Head of Social Media, elaborates…

Company branding:

Branding is very important when it comes to social media. Your branding is essentially your reputation and your visibility. It is about how your target audience sees you, it is not only your logo but the entire feel and look of your company. Branding is a great tool because you have the chance to visually communicate your company values, visions and expertise. Having a strong corporate identity builds trust from your audience as they can instantly recognise what your company is about and they now know who you are collectively. If you think of it like online dating, you usually would pick the profiles that say a lot about that person and you can tell if they are your kind of match before even messaging. It’s unlikely that you would message a profile that leaves you unsure of anything about that person. Creating a unique and standout brand that is consistent and in line with your values will set you apart from other competitors that may get lost in a sea of companies due to little branding. Here are some reasons why it can help enhance your company.

  1. Charge more

A study by Professional Services Marketing, by Mike Schulz, John Doerr and Lee W. Frederiksen shows that the price advantage of a strong brand in the legal sector can be around 50%. This means that well branded firms are able to charge substantially higher prices than competitors.

  1. Talent

Generations Y and Z arguably care about social media and a company’s brand more than those that preceded them because they have grown up with it and are usually the most immersed in it. Therefore, if you want to attract them, you are going to need to grab their attention in a world in which they have every company accessible to them digitally jumping out at them. Be the firm that draws their eyes and be a company that they want to get behind.

  1. Winning referrals

When your company has a strong brand, this will help you retain your existing clientele and attract new clients.  Why? Because it creates forums for clients and potential clients to discuss your firm and ensures your name is prevalent in the discourse. A clear branding often increases referrals from satisfied clients and those referrals, when supported by your great branding, enhance your credibility.

Carys Bello

Fellows and Associates



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