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Recruitment Consultant, Start Up Finance Division

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What is the opportunity? We are looking for someone to build a finance recruitment division for us, capitalising on our existing brand, reputation and experience. Our intended focus is the private practice accountancy market. Whilst we have a number of very good ideas on how this might look and where to start we are open to your suggestions too. We want you to be an integral part in this new venture.

Who do we think you will be? We think you’re potentially someone frustrated by a current overarching structure, where everything you do is monitored, with senseless targets and KPI’s. Where adhering to rote methodologies are too strict, such that the nuance of good business is lost. We’re hoping you want the freedom to develop a business in the way you feel is best, putting those ideas you have been cultivating to the test. You’ll also be up for a challenge. Good God that’s a cliché. But we’re not sure how else to frame this. It will be a challenge. And we need someone who has both the appetite, strength of character and stamina to make a success of this.

What about us? Well we won’t stand over your shoulder asking about targets and we know that a project of this kind will take to time to build so you can expect us to be patient. One of our Directors has considerable experience in recruiting in the accountancy and finance sector so will be able to provide advice and support where you need it. We don’t have any kind of quota for what you will be doing. As long as we are all happy that the strategy agreed makes a certain amount of sense then we’ll put the faith in you that you can deliver. We have a very casual office culture, we don’t wear suits to work, we have onsite parking, we don’t clock watch and we’ll give you a mobile phone so you can work on the move when you can’t make it into the office. Office hours are 9.30 to 5.30pm so we don’t expect you to work late for no reason at all. In fact, we’d hope that you might take an occasional important call from a candidate at a weekend or out of hours on your own time rather than making you stay in the office late in the hope that calls might come or insisting that you make entirely unnecessary ones.

As for remuneration? We want this new division to make a profit and we want you to share in that profit. The more you make the more we’ll share but, and probably most importantly of all, we want you to build a team of your own. Not right away, at your own pace and with our insights on fiscal responsibility. This will make the division as a whole more profitable thus increasing your earning potential exponentially. We think this is just about the closest you could get to starting your own recruitment business without taking the financial risk. We’re providing you with a safety net and a budget to get you off the ground as well as infrastructural support so you don’t need to worry about website design, corporate tax, legal issues etc. Lots of the glory with very little of the pain usually associated with starting something new.

What about your skill set? We don’t want to be particularly prescriptive about your background. You could have only ever worked in high street recruitment and you want to try something more niche. You could work for an existing finance recruiter or another specialist sector entirely unrelated to finance. You could have a year’s experience or several years’ experience. The most important factor is that you want to take on this kind of a challenge, have the drive and determination to pull it off and that you can convince us that you are who we need to invest in to achieve our aims.

Salary: TBD
Location: Wakefield

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For more information or to apply to this role please send an email to contact@fellowsandassociates.com or telephone 020 7903 5019.


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